Course curriculum

  • 2

    How To Use This Digital Workbook

    • Tips and Suggestions

  • 3

    Where Are You Coming From?

    • Relationships and Money: You've Got Differences

    • Reflection Questions: Where Are You Coming From

  • 4

    Limiting Beliefs

    • The Garbage of the Soul

    • Reflection Questions: Limiting Beliefs

  • 5

    Your True Intentions For Your Life

    • Are You Living Out The Intentions You Have For Your Life?

    • Reflection Questions: Quiet Hopes & Sacred Dreams

  • 6

    Living Within Your Means

    • Don't Slip Off The Ladder

    • Joint Reflection Questions: Where Do You Stand?

  • 7

    Your Emergency Fund

    • Building Financial Resilience with an Emergency Fund -- Anticipating Murphy's Law

    • Emergency Fund Worksheet and Reflection Questions

  • 8

    Paying Off Debt

    • It's Time To Kill The Gremlin

    • Debt Payoff Worksheet: Get That Snowball Rolling

  • 9


    • Retirement Worksheet: Dreaming and Detailing

    • Old Age And Money (AKA, Retirement)

    • When should I start saving for retirement?

    • Retirement Accounts: An Acronym Jungle

    • So, How Much Can I Get Into Those Accounts?

  • 10

    Investment Basics

    • Investment Growth: Not Just a "Nice To Have"

    • Investing or Not Worksheet: Excel Download

    • How Does The Money Grow, Anyway?

    • Diversification: All About Eggs and Baskets

    • Risk Tolerance and Timeframe: Time To Get Personal

    • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

    • Okay, So Where Should I Put The Money?

    • Investment Selection Worksheet

  • 11

    Estate Planning

    • Secure the Fort!

    • Estate Planning Checklist

  • 12


    • Life Is Full Of Risks

    • Health Insurance Review

    • Life Insurance: Who Depends On You?

    • Life Insurance Worksheet

    • Homeowners and Renters Insurance

    • Homeowners and Renters Insurance Worksheet

    • Auto Insurance

    • Auto Insurance Worksheet

    • Disability Insurance: What Happens If I Can't Work?

    • Disability Insurance Worksheet

    • How To Get Quotes

  • 13

    Big Purchases: Houses and Cars

    • Houses: To Rent or To Buy?

    • Renting vs Buying a Home Worksheet

    • On Cars....Get Ready

    • Car Purchase Worksheet

  • 14

    College Planning

    • Planning for College

    • College Planning Reflection

    • College Planning Calculation Reflections

    • Write Out Your Family College Plan

  • 15

    HELP! I Don't Have Enough!!

    • How Will I Ever Do All This?

  • 16

    Systems and Budgeting

    • Systems: The Missing Key To Lasting Change

    • Systems Reflection Worksheet

    • Budgeting: Not The Dirty Word You Think It Is

    • Ghosts of Budgets Past

    • Past Budgeting Reflection Worksheet

    • Budgeting FEELS GOOD, And Methods Don't Matter

    • Honey, Talk Money To Me

    • Talking Money With Your Spouse: Reflection Worksheet

    • Making Your Budget

    • Time To Put Pen To Paper...It's Budgeting Time!

    • Weekly Check Ins and Monthly Reviews

    • Weekly Check In and Monthly Review Planning

    • Change: You Can Do it! (Worksheet)

    • Miscellaneous Tips

    • A Note About Kids And Money

    • Money Management During Times of Crisis

  • 17

    Don't Keep Up With The Jones'

    • You Never Really Know (So Don't Try To Copy!)

    • How Are You Falling Into This Trap?

  • 18

    On Living Life

    • Soak Up Your Life

    • How Can We Build A Life We Enjoy?

    • How The Wealthy Spend Their Money

  • 19

    Your Financial Plan: Bringing It All Together

    • It's Time To Pull It All Together!

  • 20


    • Thank You For Being Here

  • 21

    Resources and Additional Reading


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    Thank you for sharing and loving the program! Message us once you've completed your own "workbook" and we will be happy to give you a unique promo code for a friend or family member.

  • Where else can I find you?

    Join our chats about family and money on Instagram @plan.bay

  • Who designed the curriculum?

    This course was written by Rebecca Palmer, Certified Financial Planner™. You can learn all about the requirements and high standards of the CFP® designation at

  • Is this program right for us?

    This workbook and educational program was designed with the young family or couple in mind (ages 21 - 40) and covers the basics of debt payoff, emergency funding, retirement savings, investing, insurance and estate planning, college savings, and "big purchase" guidance. This workbook will not give individually tailored financial advice specific to your situation, but rather, the education and tools needed for you to make your own financial decisions with wisdom and intention.

  • Do you have more workbooks coming out?

    Yes! In the pipeline: "Paying for College: A Workbook for High School Students and Parents" as well as "Kids & Money: Tactical and Easy Ways to Teach Wise Financial Management". Subscribe to our email list below to stay updated!

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