Get Clear On

  • Building Your Emergency Fund: How much is enough?

  • Freedom From Debt: Where to start and how to pay it all off.

  • Retirement: How much should you save and how do you invest it?

  • Insurance & Estate Planning: Are you covered?

  • Saving For College: How much will they need?

  • Big Purchases (Houses and Cars): How much should you spend?

It's that good!

Jeff B. | Meridian, ID

This is the best financial planning resource I have ever used. One of my first thoughts was that I wish it were a required course for middle school/high school students, but at the same time I wouldn't have blinked if it was a college course that cost over $1,000. It's that good and explained that well.

They get it.

Sarah C. | Denver, CO

I loved how relatable the author is. She is calm and easy to listen to, like a friend who just happens to be a professionally trained financial planner. I like that the worksheets called us out on a lot of things we had been blind too. Now we have a plan and are excited to get going!”

We’re going to be okay!!

Lyndsey H. | Gilbert, AZ

“We’ve always been wary of managing our money well but have constantly been battling the fear that there were other things we were missing. Insurance? What about our investment options? How do you know what you don’t know?! This class filled in the gaps in our plan and answered so many of our questions. Also, we loved doing the long term thinking about what kind of future we want to create. The discussions and worksheets brought us so much closer as a couple and were really a lot of fun (though certainly an experience in growth and stretching!) Thank you!!”

Like a compass.

Brian P. | Mapleton, UT

Like a compass, this course masterfully points clearly to the fundemental thinking and goals every great financial plan needs.

Recommended to all of my family and friends!

Kendall L.

Fantastic resource! I’ve recommended it to all of my family and friends. I have read lots of financial books and this is one of the best - it’s so clear and concise!